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The USCCA INSTRUCTOR COURSE is the live-training portion of the certification process prescribed by the USCCA for those desiring to become USCCA Certified Firearms Instructors.

USCCA Instructors are certified and/or authorized to teach the USCCA's concealed carry, defensive handgun, home defense, active shooter and first aid curriculums.

  • Prerequisites: USCCA eLearning Modules (see below)
  • Number of students: 12-15
  • Class Length: 16 hrs classroom and range
  • Location: Classes held in Ovilla, TX.
  • Date and Time: Choose one of our pre-scheduled sessions (see link below)
  • Cost: $597
  • Materials: We will provide you with all necessary classroom materials.

The course fee includes:

  • Prerequisite E-Learning
  • 16 hours of Classroom Instruction based on the USCCA's Instructor Development curriculum, supplemented by videos, instructor demonstrations, and active exercises.
  • Range fees and targets (for Instructor Qualifications only)

NOTE: The USCCA Instructor Certification meets the pre-requisite requirements for the State of Texas' License To Carry (LTC) Instructor Program.  

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We are delighted to partner with the USCCA in certifying talented and committed instructors. As a Certified Training Counselor, we will train and equip you with the knowledge, tools, and materials necessary to succeed in your mission as a Certified USCCA Instructor

If you have any questions, please call Brian at (972) 515-2939.

Step One

eLearning and Toolkit: Call the USCCA at 877.577.4800 to secure your access to the required, prerequisite 8-hour eLearning component, AND, and purchase your USCCA Instructor Toolkit.

The total cost for the online training module, instructor toolkit, and in-person instructor training is $597.

You must complete the online training module at least one week before your class date.

NOTE: You will be signing up for the Instructor Certification Course offered by Brian Holmes, Instructor #248175.



Step Two

Live Instructor Training: Take our two-day (16 hour) in-person course consisting of classroom instruction, hands-on breakout sessions, and live-fire exercises. 

Curriculum covers the following topics:

  • Course Introduction and FAQs
  • Instructor Mistakes
  • Teaching Best Practices
  • Managing a Safe Live Fire Range
  • Live Fire Exercises
  • Presenting the Student Multimedia
  • Marketing Your Business
  • Final Test and Review

Successful completion of this course will qualify you as a United States Concealed Carry Association Certified Instructor. In order to successfully complete the course, the instructor candidate must pass a shooting qualification, pass a written exam and you must pass the instructor's approval in class participation and presentation skills.


Step Three

Certification and Launch: Once you've completed the Certified Instructor Course, your Training Counselor will submit your instructor credentials, and your Instructor Toolkit will be shipped to you right away.

Your USCCA Instructor Toolkit includes your professional classroom PowerPoint presentations, 10 copies of Concealed Carry & Home Defense Fundamentals by Michael Martin, classroom posters, 10 copies of Concealed Carry Magazine, and a USCCA Instructor Polo and range cap.

Once your certification is approved, you will be listed on the USCCA Instructor website and your classes will be searchable to prospective students. As a USCCA Instructor, you will join the best of the best in training citizens across America in the principles of self-defense, concealed carry and home defense.


If you're ready to begin your training business, OR, if you are an experienced instructor and are looking to take your training, materials, and business to the next level, we invite you to CONTACT US TODAY!

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