Texas LTC/Concealed Carry (ONLINE)

The TEXAS CONCEALED CARRY (LTC) COURSE is the certified Texas Handgun license to carry class designed by the Texas Department of Public Safety, that is required for all license to carry permit holders.

Our classes are taught by highly trained certified professional educators with years of training experience. You will receive the highest quality training in a fun and memorable class.

  • Recommended for: Beginner or Intermediate
  • Format: All State mandated materials are covered in an ONLINE or E-Learning format 
  • Class Length: Minimum 4 hrs online/classroom training (Does not include mandatory range qualification)
  • Time: Self-paced; Up to 6 months to complete once registered.
  • Range Qualification: The State of Texas requires that you be able to pass the shooting qualification. Once you complete the classroom portion or E-Learning portion, you must schedule your range qualification test with a Texas DPS Certified LTC Instructor. 
  • Cost: $65 (Includes class portion only. Does not include shooting qualification fee, range fee, etc.)




It is now easier than ever to get your License to Carry (formerly known as Concealed Handgun License) in Texas!

Just watch the videos online from anywhere and on any computer, smartphone or tablet. At only 4 hours long, this easy online Texas LTC/CHL class can be completed in no time. Watch as little or as much of the online LTC class at a time, progress is saved saved as you watch each video segment. Whether you are in Dallas, Houston, San Antonio, Austin, El Paso, or anywhere else in the great State of Texas, the online LTC class can be taken from anywhere.

This Texas DPS approved online Texas License to Carry (LTC) class provides the mandated Texas Department of Public Safety classroom training for obtaining your Texas LTC, formerly known as the Texas Concealed Handgun License (CHL). This online LTC class is 4 hours plus the written exam (multiple choice and true/false test).

Content Includes:

  • The Use of Deadly Force
  • Conflict/Dispute Resolution
  • Concealed Handgun Law
  • Gun Safety and Storage
  • Selection of a Concealed Carry Gun
  • Legislative Changes
  • Handgun Accuracy Training
  • Written and Live-fire Exams

Administered through videos that are broken into 15-20 minute segments, you can take the online LTC class at your own pace and in your own home from anywhere in Texas. Progress is saved at the completion of each video, allowing you to take the online LTC class as fast or slow as you want. Watch for 15 minutes and come back to continue another day, or watch all 4 hours. Its all up to you! Developed to be taken from your computer, smartphone or tablet, you have the most flexibility when choosing when and how to take the class.

** To obtain your Texas LTC, the proficiency demonstration must be completed with an LTC instructor after the successful completion of the online class. 

LTC (Live-fire) Shooting Proficiency Providers:

PRP does NOT offer the Shooting Proficiency portion of the LTC. Here are a few other places where you can get your LIVE-FIRE, LTC Shooting Proficiency completed. (These ranges usually have ammo for purchase. Be sure to call ahead.)

1. ETTS Gun Range    Waxahachie, TX     972-268-2485

2. TX Gun Range         Midlothian, TX        469-487-4810

3. Bullseye Range        Duncanville, TX     972-780-1807


After successfully completing your Online Texas License To Carry class, you will receive a PDF copy of the LTC-101 form indicating you have passed the class and written exam. You will then take the SAME FORM to your Range Qualification where your Certified Instructor will sign off on your range qualification. You will then be qualified to submit your certificate to the state, and apply online for your license to carry.


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