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Texas License To Carry (LTC) Overview

The TEXAS CONCEALED CARRY (LTC) COURSE is the certified Texas Handgun license to carry class designed by the Texas Department of Public Safety, that is required for all license to carry permit holders.

Our classes are taught by highly trained certified professional educators with years of training experience. Whether you choose the LIVE (in-person) class or our ONLINE option, you will receive the highest quality training in a fun and memorable class.

What We Will Cover:

  • The Use of Deadly Force
  • Conflict/Dispute Resolution
  • Concealed Handgun Law
  • Gun Safety and Storage
  • Selection of a Concealed Carry Gun
  • Legislative Changes and How They Impact You
  • Handgun Accuracy Training
  • And Much More

After completing your Texas license carry class and your State required shooting qualification, you will be eligible to submit your certificate to the State of Texas, and apply for your license to carry.


We are proud to now offer you TWO options for completing your Texas License To Carry required training. Not only do we host regularly scheduled our local (in-person) classes, but now you can take the classroom portion of the training ONLINE. Please click the links below for complete information on both options.








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